This blog is a resource center for all information related to learning and practicing English in an English Speaking Club. The blog especially targets English learners who are living in Hanoi, and whose native language is Vietnamese.

As a long time teacher of English, I’ve come to the conclusion that learning English in a formal classroom environment is not an effective way to achieve fluency. Instead, language skills should be acquired through repeated applications in diverse, close-to-real-life situations.

Unfortunately, the current national education system in Vietnam is completely based on book learning, and is very ineffective in acquiring any real practical competency in English. Private institutions do offer courses that include some useful hands-on practices, but most of the courses still focus too much on formal classroom-based learning and the practices are often superficial, awkward, and do not simulate real-life situations very well.

In my opinion, currently, the most effective and economical way for an English learner to gain useful practice is to join one of many English speaking clubs in Hanoi. However, the quality of these English speaking clubs is a mixed bag, and some clubs do not operate on a consistent basis.

To address this problem, this blog aims to provide up-to-date information on English speaking clubs operating in Hanoi, as well as some advice on how to get the most out of the time you spend with these clubs.


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